At Ōpoho School, children get the opportunity to play different competitive team sports including netball, hockey, miniball (in the winter) and summer hockey, futsal, touch rugby and teeball (in the summer).

To play competitive rugby, football (soccer), league, tennis and cricket children join one of the relevant sports clubs not affiliated with any particular school. Clubs are often associated with a geographical area e.g. Alhambra Rugby, Northern Football Club, Northern Cricket Club.

The number of teams is sometimes dependent on the availability of coaches and having enough players to form a team.

Affiliated sports fees are required from families to enable children to participate in these competitions.

Children get the opportunity to learn many general skills and play a variety of games as part of the Physical Education curriculum, and Ōpoho School often participates in interschool sports tournaments that are arranged from time to time. The aim is for children to be physically active, to develop a healthy and positive attitude and to have fun. Learning to win and lose graciously is another community goal.



Children learn to swim by having coaching by professional instructors from Jill Clarke Swim School. Twice a year (usually the first and either the 3rd or 4th term of the year) children participate in 8 lessons at the Dunedin North swimming pool on Opoho Road (near the supermarket).

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