International Students

Salam, Ni Hao, Namaste, Annyong Haseo, Konnichiwa,

Ōpoho School welcomes students from other parts of the world. If families do not meet the eligibility for state funded education in New Zealand, then tuition fees must be paid to the school. The primary aim is for children to be immersed in an English speaking classroom. ESOL instruction is available as required and is additional to the tuition fee required for mainstream classroom learning.

For ESOL instruction, a student would work out of the regular classroom with a tutor for agreed times to learn English. Assistance is likely to be provided in the classroom for a period of time to establish English learning and to support the student’s transition to learning in a NZ classroom.

Ōpoho School is a signatory to the New Zealand Code of Practice and as required by this code a student attending our school is required to be living with a legal parent or guardian as defined by the Code of Practice. If you wish to read the New Zealand Code of Practice you are welcome to visit where the code is presented in a number of languages.

We hope that international families enjoy their time as part of the Opoho School community where we aim to celebrate the similarities and differences of our cultures.

To receive more information about enrolling at Ōpoho School please contact us at or the principal at

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