Enrolment to Opoho School

Our enrolment is now available online. You can use the link in the enrolment menu above or click here.

If you do not have access to a computer at home, there is one available at the school office.

The form covers:

  • Personal information
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Consent: Learning Beyond the Classroom
  • Authorisations for e-learning and online publishing
  • Information about your child
  • Information of interest

To complete an enrolment for your child the following documentation is required prior to, or on the day your child starts school.

  •  Birth Certificate                    (returned to you immediately)
  •  Immunisation Certificate   (returned to you immediately)

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to share information and show you around the school if you are enrolling your first child. Ring on 4738 019 to make a mutually convenient appointment or mailto:office@opoho.school.nz

A ‘Nearly Five’ group offers your child the opportunity to visit school prior to being formally enrolled. The group meets fortnightly, usually on Monday afternoon. Generally a child attends the group the term prior to their 5th birthday however we respond to individual needs, for example a tentative child may attend for longer than a term.

Carolyn Bayne, our wonderful (very experienced) New Entrant teacher will contact you with the details. Other visits are arranged instead of, or as well as the ‘Nearly Five’ group.

Often your child’s pre-school also arranges a visit with your child, usually with some friends (who may or may not be enrolling at Opoho School).

The new entrant teacher also visits a child in her/his pre-school immediately before s/he starts school.