Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees welcomes you to the school community. The Board of Trustees is a group of parents elected by other parents to govern the school. When you send your child to Opoho School you as a parent become an important part of our school community.


Board members:

Otto Hyink                                  (Chair person)         

Leah Garthwaite                                                            

Gerald Davis                                                                  

Samuel Whata                                                              

Rod Fagerlund                                                             



Carolyn Bayne                           (Staff Representative)

Jenny Clarke                             (Principal)


Our role is to set policy and engage in a robust programme of self-review.

Your views will be sought in a range of ways – through newsletters, questionnaires, face-to-face meetings, online surveys.

The board is scheduled to undertake its major triennial community review next year (2017). Responses from parents requiring actions are integrated into the management plan of the school. Ongoing questionnaires of a less comprehensive nature are likely over time so the principal and board can respond to ideas and issues raised by parents and involve them in the strategic planning of resources, and continue to ensure the school is a great place for all children (and families).


The board is also working on a new property development to extend the top block with a view to adding a flexible learning space. This would enable the three senior classes to work more collaboratively, more easily.